10 Places in California that will make you feel like you’re halfway around the world.

Sometimes you just want to pack up your bags and travel somewhere new and exotic! However, our bank accounts don’t always agree. Don’t worry, I have the perfect list for you. These 10 places in California will make you feel like you are somewhere else, and best of all, they won’t break the bank. They are the perfect place for your next staycation. 1. Avalon, Catalina Island The minute you get to Avalon you will feel like you are not in the United States . The water is cleaner and the buildings are more

5 tips to sell on Poshmark faster

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Have you heard about Poshmark? It’s an app to buy and sell your new or used items. I’ve had my account for over two years now, it’s by far my favorite app for buying and selling women’s apparel and accessories. I’m one of their top sellers. I also think I’m probably on of their top buyers. It’s the perfect place to buy holiday gifts! They make it very easy to sell items too. Just make an account, take pictures of your item, describe it, post it, print