20 wedding cake alternatives your guests will love

I have a confession, I hate cake. I know that I am in the minority.  You would be surprised by the amount of times people have force fed me cupcakes or cake, even after I tell them I don’t like it. “Oh you will love this cake, it’s different!” or my favorite, “Cupcakes aren’t cake.” For those of you that understand me, or just want something different for your wedding, here are some beautiful wedding cake alternatives your guests will love. 1.Cookie tower via La Cuoca Ciccia 2. Macaron tower via Deer Pearl

25 holiday gifts for men under $25

1.Cole Haan Men’s Navigator Sunglasses only $19.97. 2. Squaddra 13 Shorts only $22. 3. Harte LED work lamp only $14.99. 4.Proctor Silex 1.5L Professional Style Deep Fryer only $20. 5.Cucol Wood Face Design Black Watch only $8.99. 6.Corkcicle Wine chiller only $12.95. 7. Winter Brews 9-pack only $14.99. (prices vary by location) 8.Snap Shot Camera Flask only $24.99. 9.11 in 1 credit card survival kit only $2.79. 10. Breakfast Sandwich Maker only $24. 11.Card Against Humanity only $25. 12. Men’s Lack of Cheer Tee only $4.99 13.Nivea Men Face and

25 holiday gifts for women under $25

Happy Holidays! Whether you’re buying a gift for your girlfriend, mom, sister, daughter, or best friend we have something in our list for them under $25! 1. Bebe Twisted Pave Station Cuff only $10. 2.L’Occitane Almond Delights only $16. 3.Chloe Coffret Gift Set only $18. 4. Kate Spade Macaroon Mug only $20. 5. Recipe Cocktail Shaker only $20. 6. Coastline Imports Snowflake Muffin Pan only $9.99. 7. Nicole Miller Mercury Glass Jewelry Box only $14.99. 8. BP. Nail Colors (Set of 18) only $20. 9. Holiday Gift Set, Assorted Cocoa only $12.99. 10.

15 White Elephant gifts under $15

1.BigMouth Toilet mug only $12.43 2.Fifty  Shades of Chicken only $11.29 3.Weener Kleener Soap only $6.50 4.”Maybe you touched your Genitals” hand sanitizer only $7.15 5.Poo-pourri Before you go toilet Spray only $9.99 6. Microwave S’more Maker only $9.93 7. Butt Face Soap only $14.99 8. Bacon Air Freshener only $1.99 9. Inflatable Unicorn Horn only $8.22 10. Unicorns are Jerks Coloring Book only $6.99 11. Foldable Wine Bottle only $10.99 12.Hidden Sunscreen Alcohol Flask only $7.95 13.Porn for Women only $9.90 14.Wine Condom bottle stoppers, set of 6 only $13.97

How to make money by hosting a Trunk Show

I recently decided to get rid of my extra clothes and accessories. Usually I donate to Fashion Project, but many of my items didn’t qualify because they are not on their approved brand list. I decided to host a trunk show at my apartment, and invite friends over for a night of shopping! It’s just like a fancy garage sale with food and booze! And who doesn’t like that? Here is how you can host your own trunk show party: Step 1: Find out what you are selling: Do you