DIY: ‘Vacation Mode’ Pompom Beach Tote

Ever since I lived in Spain, I became obsessed with pompom beach totes.  Almost every woman I met there had a “Capazo” from either Julietta Barcelona or El Corte Ingles. In Spain they retail for less than $100.  When I searched for them in the United States, I was surprised to see how expensive they were. This Kate Spade bag retails for $298: I decided to make my own. I started by  looking for inexpensive woven bags and found these for only $1 and shipping on Wish. If you don’ want to wait for

Rose gold elephant box DIY

This simple DIY is one of the easiest projects to make! It is the perfect gift and is great for storing items or decorating. You will need: -Plastic animal figurine. -White box -Rose gold spray paint -Super glue Instructions: 1.Take off all labels and stickers from Plastic elephant figurine. Lay on a plastic bag. 2.Paint elephant using instructions on spray paint bottle. You might have to use more than one layer of paint. Let elephant completely dry. 3.Glue Elephant to top of box using super glue or E6000. 4.Wait for glue

10 “Detox” water recipes

You’ve heard of them, you’ve seen them millions of times on Pinterest, you can buy them pre-made, and they even have special bottles for them! Today I will be sharing my favorite “detox” water recipes. Because I’m not doctor, I don’t know if any of these recipes will actually “detox” your body. However, I do know, that these recipes taste delicious, and help me drink more water throughout the day. Drink more water with me! You don’t need a fancy bottle, just make these recipes in a simple mason jar. Cinnamon and

No-sew Bucket Bag

You will need: Leather or fabric glue Leather (2 pieces 8″x10″, 2 pieces 1″x 2″, and 1 circular piece with a 8″ diameter) Scissors 2 Metal D-rings Metal chain T-shirt Yarn Leather hole puncher How to make: Draw a 6″ diameter circle inside the 8″ circle. Make cuts in triangle shape from the ends of the 8″ to the 6″ circle. Glue both rectangle pieces from the leather side on the 8″ side. Wait for glue to dry. Fold the large circle from the leather side to the 6″ circle line and

Mini succulent garden

Baby succulent and mini cacti are super cute, and very easy to maintain. This is a fun and inexpensive project. Best of all, it uses something you probably already have at home,  a tuna can! What you will need: An empty tuna can Baby succulents or cacti. ( I bought mine from my local hardware store for less than $3.) Spray paint Acrylic paint Paint brush Extra top soil   Instructions: 1. Remove label from tuna can. 2. Wash off any access glue with a sponge and water. Wait for it

DIY 2016 Weekly Planner

  One of my 2016 resolutions was to get a bit ore organized. For some reason, setting a reminder on my phones calendar has never been enough for me. It always help to write things down so I decided to make myself this cute little planner. The best part is that I had all of the supplies I needed already, and the only thing I bought was only $1 at The Dollar Tree! You will need: A 2016 planner from your local 99 cent store or Dollar Tree store. 4- 5 acrylic paints in your

Pottery Barn inspired Pom and Bell Wreath

Happy Holidays! I was recently looking for a wreath for my door and found this beauty from Pottery Barn. Source: Pottery Barn Unfortunately, even on sale, it was a bit out of my budget. I decided to make my own! What do you think? I went to my local crafting store and bought the supplies.  I decided to buy gold bells instead of silver because it matched my decorations more. You can customize this to match your home décor for the holidays.   You will need: Two balls of yarn

5 Best Cheap Halloween Costumes for couples

This year it was difficult to find Halloween costumes that were affordable and that the boyfriend and I liked. I ended up buying a Queen of Hearts costume on Poshmark for $20 a month ago. I found a matching red heart crown at Michael’s for $4. My boyfriend had a cape and a top hat from previous costumes. With a stuffed bunny and a wand he completed his magician look. What do you think? Tip 1: Look for items you already have at home. Ex. Hawaiian shirt, flapper dress, cape,