DIY: ‘Vacation Mode’ Pompom Beach Tote

Ever since I lived in Spain, I became obsessed with pompom beach totes.  Almost every woman I met there had a “Capazo” from either Julietta Barcelona or El Corte Ingles. In Spain they retail for less than $100.  When I searched for them in the United States, I was surprised to see how expensive they were. This Kate Spade bag retails for $298:

I decided to make my own. I started by  looking for inexpensive woven bags and found these for only $1 and shipping on Wish. If you don’ want to wait for shipping coming from China, you can also find a plain straw bag at your local craft or thrift store.

I ordered a white bag so that it would match everything.  I had some yarn left over in the perfect colors for Spring and Summer. I took a trip to Michael’s and purchased these gold letters and a new hot glue gun. Make sure to use a coupon at check out.


I started by making 2 large pompoms in each color. I used the hand method I mentioned here. I glued down the pompoms with the hot glue gun. Then I followed the directions on the packaging and added the gold lettering. They were very easy to apply. I chose to write “Vacation Mode”  my new favorite saying until I come back from Cabo in a week.

I wrapped the handles in all three colors of yarn and glued it down with the hot glue.

The final result is a new favorite beach bag. The best part is it was less than $20! It will be perfect for my trip to Mexico this week! What do you think?

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