5 tips to sell on Poshmark faster

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Have you heard about Poshmark?

It’s an app to buy and sell your new or used items. I’ve had my account for over two years now, it’s by far my favorite app for buying and selling women’s apparel and accessories. I’m one of their top sellers. I also think I’m probably on of their top buyers. It’s the perfect place to buy holiday gifts!

They make it very easy to sell items too. Just make an account, take pictures of your item, describe it, post it, print label, and ship.

Here are 5 tips to sell your items faster:

1.Take a good picture of your item.

The easiest way to get people to notice your listing is to post an eye-catching cover picture. Always make sure that the picture is professional looking. If it’s a clothing item, make a create an outfit and take a picture. Always list a picture of you wearing the item, it will help the buyer see the fit and sizing. Here are some examples of the cover photos I’ve used on sold items.

posh1 posh2 posh3

2.Pick a good title

Always start the title of your item with the brand or color never start with a description. People usually search for items by color or brand, so make it easier for them to find you.

For example, people will usually search for, “Blue Dress” or “Tory Burch Bag” never, “Beautiful blue dress” or “Gorgeous Tory Burch Bag”. Leave the descriptive words for the description.

3. Share your items to parties

The easiest way to have people see your item is to share it to parties. Poshmark has three parties a day. It’s very important to share your items to parties that are only for specific brands. People that buy from those parties will always be looking for those brands.


4. Answer quickly

Poshmark is one of the only apps on my phone that sends me notifications automatically. It’s one of the easiest ways to keep track of new comments on your items. Always make sure to answer as quickly as possible and tag the person who asked the question. Most shoppers will find a similar item if you don’t respond quickly. If someone makes an offer on one of your items, make sure to answer within 24 hours or the offer disappears. Even if your are not accepting the offer, it’s better to let the person know quickly. They might even offer you more money!

5. Do your research

Before posting an item, make sure to know the price similar items sold for on Poshmark. You will never sell items if you price them too high. Leave a little bit of room for negotiating. Most buyer will offer $5 less than your existing listing price, make sure you are willing to sell your item at that price.

If you have any question about Poshmark or just want to let us know your Poshmark username, so we follow you, leave it in the comments below.

Still don’t have a Poshmark account? What are you waiting for? Start an account today! If you use invite code: HMUEO you will receive $5 to shop free!



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